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a couple of musical suggestions

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a couple of musical suggestions

Post by emma lee on November 11th 2007, 1:58 am

A band that may have moved me more than any other, some old friends from back home, and as far as im concerned, the best thing to have come out of LA. The hop frog collective, comprised of genuinely hearfelt and sincere souls- amazingly talented and creative artists. It's definitely experimental, and ranges from dark and minimal to "world music" mixed with electronics that makes you want to dance. Usually pretty psychadelic, droning, meditative. Beautiful!! They put on an amazing multidimensional show. If you get a chance to see them, don't miss it! check this out!!
Refrigerator Mothers EPK 10 min mini docuimentary on the collective
A womyn whose definitely inspired me, one bad ass womyn! She plays piano and sings with her clasically trained, 5-octave voice ranging from blues to shrieks and screams. She claims to sing as a voice for the insane. Aids activist, antiwar activist, embracing the darkest side of artistic expression. At times- frightening, at times very sad. I saw her play once and just cried my eyes out the whole time. You might need to be in a certain mood to really appreciate her.
check out her "Gloomy Sunday" video on youtube
emma lee
emma lee

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