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herpes preventives

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herpes preventives Empty herpes preventives

Post by Mademoiselle on May 6th 2008, 6:33 am

a friend of mine is taking a valtrex about 3 times weekly as suppressive therapy for her herpes. i dont know how i feel about the whole "suppressive therapy" thing, but i did a little research.

seems that there has been a great number of studies done with sambucus and herpes. it is a powerful antiviral and has been used in concentrated dosages to treat the outbreaks, though i cant find anything specific on prolonged use for suppression. also, neem oil is often used in treatment, and i know it can be bought in capsules and taken internally, so.... perhaps this would work as well.

it seems the herpes thing is quite common these days and some people are dealing with the outbreak situation quite often (up to 6 times per year) ouch. so, perhaps if class discussion is at all leaning in this direction, it'd be a good topic to address and get an expert opinion on.
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herpes preventives Empty Re: herpes preventives

Post by Jacksta on May 7th 2008, 2:47 am

valtrex.. i am not knowing that one so much.. but will ask the wise teachers about this.. e. valley and candis also.

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herpes preventives Empty Re: herpes preventives

Post by Inti on June 22nd 2008, 6:55 pm

In Candis' class a woman had herpes badly on her upper lip. CAndis told her to do the following and it worked within 3 days. I used it when I got a cold sore (Herpes 1) and it was gone in 2 days. I also used Simplers HerpAid topically

Lysine capsules - double the dose that's on the bottle

Red Algea capsules - This specifically targhets the Herpes type of virus which is also a form of Chicken pox and Shingles

Decocted Tea of Oregon Grape Root and Licorice Root
to that add tinctures of
Yellow dock and Skullcap.
Drink 12 oz 3x's a day

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herpes preventives Empty Re: herpes preventives

Post by Sponsored content

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