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Post by Mademoiselle on September 30th 2008, 5:42 am

preface : sorry, burch got carried away, skip to the end for some great links if i bore you. please look into these things and let me know what yall think of it.
and i wonder what david hoffmann would say?

so, i'm sure we're alll familiar with the aspects of our role as herbalists and health-concious citizens that is quite political. the word political itself is a turn off to me, but when we are emphasizing natural healing with an intention of taking back our medicine from 'big pharma', major agriculture, and goverment commidification of food... we are being political. it's quite an important piece.

i've come across some very interesting information about a program for increased government regulation on food. often we think that major corporations behind the marketing of nutritionally-vacant food. greedy fucks getting rich on the 'fat of the land'. but, what if there is more to it than that?
makes me wonder...
the treatment of the national water supply with fluoride, when there's no such information justifying doing so, really makes me wonder. is it crazy to think that perhaps there is a 'they' somewhere who's intent is to make us stupid, make us sick, make us dead? make us easy to control and easy to profit off of?

regardless of the individual opinions that arise, its important to remain aware, to stay on one's toes. we must remember how to question. question the powers that be, and the truth that is fed to us, ultimately by powers driven by greed...

it fascinates me to think about just how much power is really had. is freedom a facade, for as a public we are constantly regulated. what we eat, what we watch, what we 'know'. there is a new commercial out on the safety of high fructose corn syrup... '
"it's made from real corn and is fine in small amounts, just like sugar.", says one cardigan sweater housewife to another...the fuck is that?

and how do we do something? how do we physically play a part in exposing information on the importance of the decisions we as a general public make about the food we buy and the medicine we take?

i suppose these things start small, and i try in my own little way to share my opinions without 'imparting my great wisdom' on people, just share some of the things i've learned.

but ultimately, connecting with other like minds is the best way to affect change. you know, the whole power in numbers thing. there's got to be more information, or a source from connecting on this great grand web we've got.

any thoughts?

google: codex alimentarius, zeitgeist, and a little off subject, but i believe there are some references.... esoteric agenda.
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